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Are you funding women entrepreneurs?

One of the recent interesting conversations I had with Rhea Majumdar Singhal, Founder and CEO - Ecoware India and NariShakti Puraskaar Awardee.

Rhea is one of most influential and inspiring entrepreneurs. Rhea's journey from scratch to build and scale her business Ecoware is worthy of a case study in itself. Here's in an excerpt from my conversation with her.

Supriya : You have been part of many capacity building programs in various formats across the world, what can they do to serve women better?

Rhea: I think one of the challenges that I currently see is that these organisations and program designers don’t talk to each other enough. And that eventually leads to best practices or value additions to only stay within the organisation. If such organisations can collaborate and share their experiences and insights there will be higher probability of value delivery and impact for all women across all walks of life

S : What can the ecosystem do better to accelerate funding for women?

R : Talk about the women they have backed and funded -10 times more than one would usually do. Talk about successful women entrepreneurs and the ways and means they have taken to achieve it. Showcase the way women raise money, manage finances, hire and train, manage and deploy. Organisations with platforms to bring women entrepreneurs to the forefront should showcases their success stories. Peers play significant influence especially when it comes to funding. So talking about successes of the women led enterprises one has backed, will push others to standup and pay attention.

S : What’s a big let down with the women’s networks today?

R: That we don’t have enough networks!

S : What are two most important things that have really helped shape your mindset as an entrepreneur ?

R: The biggest was a sense of solidarity to have to meet women who are like me more and less in the same kind of journey have similar problems challenges helped me have confidence in being able to take the risks that were needed to grow Ecoware. The sheer resilience to keep going, I am motivated by the impact that we create through our work and the exciting aspect of our growth story is the ability to scale our impact.

Rhea Mazumdar Singhal is the Founder and CEO of Ecoware, India’s first and largest sustainable packaging company. She was awarded the Nari Shakti Puraskar, the country’s highest civilian honor for women by the President of India. Rhea is also a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, an Asia 21 Young Leader of the Asia Society and an Impact Hero 2021 of the Earth Company. She is the chairperson of the northern region of the Indian Women Network.

This article was originally published by Supriya Panchangam on Linkedin.

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